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increase agility and reduce it cloud!

Move workloads to the cloud to quickly add compute resources and reduce hardware, license, and operational costs by consolidating resources.

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cloud agility, cloud simplicity, cloud savings!

Our Cloud Hosting services can help you simplifyIT complexity, enable more flexible and agile service delivery, and reduce your IT operating costs. In fact, businesses running VMware typically save 50-70% on overall IT costs by consolidating resources.SOMCAST can provide everything from a single virtual cloud server to a complete private cloud server farm running 1000s of server partitions. If you already have an internal VMware server environment, it’s simple to migrate to our hosting service or extend your virtualized environment to our cloud hosting service as part of your own domain.Our Cloud Hosting services give you the flexibility to run both Windows and Linux environments and let you choose unmanaged or fully managed cloud hosting.

somcast next generation cloud

Protect Your Locations and Automate PCI Compliance with Built-in Wireless Intrusion Prevention. ProPowered by VMware vSphere 5.1 hypervisor and runs on Cisco UCS server hardware and Cisco gigabit networking equipment all in an N+1 architecture in our SSAE 16 SOC2 certified data centers.The Next Generation Cloud supports a wide range of operating systems including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows and Linux virtual machines that can be hosted simultaneously. Virtual machines have their own root accounts that you can control, configure and manage.


cloud server management

  • VMware 5.1 vCloud Director Control Panel lets you build, start, stop, backup or delete cloud servers. You can schedule and review nightly backups. You can set up administrators with role-based access.
  • No dependence on a central controller-local or in the cloud
  • No choke point or single point of failure
  • Fault-tolerant stand-alone AP operation with no loss of functionality

flexi cloud hosting

SOMCAST FlexiCloud delivers a robust Cloud computing service that enables a business to create secure IT environments for individual business units and to optimize server utilization across multiple cloud environments. Server sprawl is significantly reduced, while your IT team maintains complete control, with easy to use portals and dashboards.

Flexi Cloud Benefits:

  • Efficiently control computing resources across your IT environment
  • Reduce server sprawl by allocating resources across multiple business units
  • Burst for on-demand consumption of compute resources above baseline
  • Deliver business unit application and group level SLAs
  • Create both public and private virtual machines with physical and logical separation
  • Customize Firewall rules for increased security control
  • Enable Administrator and Business unit owners to easily manage and monitor with portals

vmware vcenter server

IT administrators can ensure security and availability, simplify day-to-day tasks, and reduce the complexity of managing virtual infrastructure. Allows integration of physical and virtual management tools.

SECURITY & reliability

Network security and reliability is our top priority within the SSAE 16 SOC2 certified data centers